Hi! Welcome to Katie White Designs. I started making polymer clay earrings while I was hospitalized waiting for a heart transplant in the Winter of 2022. Making jewelry was the perfect distraction to the agony of waiting for a new heart for months in the hospital. It was therapeutic and so good for my soul to get lost in creating something tangible. I made earrings for my nurses and they liked them so I kept on going! After my transplant I couldn’t wait to get back to work! During my recovery I started Katie White Designs and filled the hours with making jewelry. 

I found that sometimes when you are not feeling well, or having a bad day, it helps to wear something colorful and beautiful to make you feel like a human being again. Everyone deserves that. 

I hope you love my earrings as much as I do. They are made in small batches and are a true labor of love. 

XO Katie